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Why purchase from us?

We Call It the UFA Advantage

Whispering Hills Fuels is a part of an extensive network of agents or corporate run cardlock and bulk fuel delivery dealers across Alberta. Together we work to provide everyone who becomes a member with a range of services at our 110+ locations.

Competitive Pricing

Because we are part of a large network of petroleum and lubricant suppliers across Alberta, we are able to offer pricing that works for the owner operator or farmer, right up to operations that have their own repair shops with a fleet and greater needs. Big or small we can assist you meet the challenges of maintaining your equipment.

Day or Night

Let's face it when you run an industrial operation, farm or are on the road in the trucking industry things don't stop at 5 pm. This is why having 24/7 availability of fuel is important at both of our locations. Drop-in for some fuel, use a washroom/shower or park alongside our agencies and get a bit of shut eye. You are always welcome!

Safety Commitment

Safety is the greatest importance to us. Our staff is SECORE (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) certified. This means we follow safety practices recognized in the industry we work in. When our trucks arrive at your construction site or oil lease, you can have peace of mind that we have safety at top of mind.

Member Equity Payments

As your co-operative we are committed to your business and creating value for our members. UFA members who have purchased a $5 member share are eligible to earn a patronage dividend based on their purchases. READ MORE

We Support Alberta Jobs

We purchase our fuel from the Northwest Upgrader and other Alberta-based refineries and are proud to say we are supporting jobs, communities and families supported from this important Canadian industry.

"As our customer you've made a commitment to us and we will do the same in return by providing you with friendly, timely service and quality products."
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