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Pay with your Debit or Credit Card right at the pump

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For convenience and accessibility around the clock UFA pumps are set up to pay at the pump.


When you need fuel it doesn't matter what time of day it is, or where you are, because UFA offers over 110 locations across Alberta to serve you.

Whispering Hills Fuels and its locations in Athabasca and Wabasca not only offer you 24/7 access but at competitive pricing to other retail suppliers of fuel.

gas pump Athabasca.jpg

We offer three card choices for commercial, business or personal


Access to the entire Cardlock network with a secure UFA PIN.


Manage multiple cards from one account. Monthly invoicing for all purchases made on the card and real-time account balances with myUFA.


Track your fuel usage and manage your cards with Card Link Online.


Access to the entire Cardlock network to refuel your vehicle.


Pay using your credit, debit or mastercard after inserting your Fuel Link Card.


Enjoy 24/7 access to fuel with our Cardlock system!


Fuel up at all CFN FleetWide locations and charge your purchase back to your UFA account.

A single card for conducting business in Alberta, B.C. and the continental US with access to over 2,000 sites.

CFN card purchases appear on your monthly UFA statement with detailed purchase reports available on myUFA.

Find out which card will work best for your needs - visit
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