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Food & Energy For the Day!

We carry a range of products to keep both you and what you drive moving on!


Our c-store offers Van Houtte coffee, cold drinks, snacks and cold sandwiches for those on the move.

Let our friendly & helpful staff find you a new log book, set of gloves, toque or safety item for your vehicle such as booster cables or a tow strap.

We also have a great stock of fuel and oil filters to go along with quality Shell and Chevron oil, grease and lubricants.

Old Dutch Twists_Cheese Pleasers_Pringle
McSweeney's Beef Jerky.jpg
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Lottery Ticket Sales


Purchase and Check your tickets with Whispering Hills Fuels!


There is nothing more we would like to see than one of our customers become the next big winner!

We offer a full range of lottery ticket products and a ticket reader to see if your tickets brought you a win with the latest jackpot. 18+ only

We also sell a range of tobacco products. Our helpful staff can assist you find the product you are looking for.  18+ only

Lotto Spot ticket checker_164540.jpg
Cunanan's Raw Honey_Single Container.jpg

Local Products

From time to time we offer local products for sale in our store


If something sweet and natural is in your mind, come check out the Cunanan's Bees-ness As Usual all natural & locally sourced Raw Honey.

Only $11 2.2 lbs or 1 kg



Propane Bottle Exchange & Bagged Ice 

Propane Bottle Exchange-left door CU.jpg

Get ready for your next back yard barbecue by purchasing a 20 lb propane exchange bottle.


It's one of the most frustrating parts of summer, sparking up the grill and putting your favorite meal on it to cook only to find out you are out of propane, or worse, out of ice!

Pick up a second tank to make sure you are ready for that next get-together and just exchange it for another when the time comes.

Ice Machine outside.png

Maintenance Must Haves

Sometimes it's an ounce of prevention that keeps you from needing a cure in the first place! 


Shop in store for oil & gas additives to improve reliability and engine life, as well as those items that are good to have on hand such as engine coolant,  windshield washer fluid, an extra jug of DEF, or a tube of grease to keep in the tool box.

We also sell a full line of Shell conventional or synthetic heavy duty engine oil, and a range of Chevron oil for your heavy duty truck, agricultural equipment, pick up or car. Check with out staff about putting together a package with filter and oil for your next change! 

We also sell fuel tank filters, transfer pumps and tank caps to get your fuel right where you want it.

HD Engine Coolant_Antifreeze.jpg
Diesel Anti Gel on shelf_washer fluid_WD
Fuel Transfer Pump.jpg
Baldwin Filter and Fuel Tank Cap.png
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