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Driver Support


  • Highway Access Hwy. 55

  • Onsite Parking

  • Convenience Store

  • Log Books

  • Two Restaurants Nearby

  • Work Clothing Store

  • 24/7 Showers and Washrooms

  • DEF at the pump

  • Large Fleet Discount through a Commercial Account

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The trucking industry keeps us all going!

Whispering Hills Fuels has gained a great respect for those men and women who make their living on the road delivering products to keep our lives on track.

Time is money and our hope is to provide a variety of services to you quickly and with a high level of customer service.


Our Convenience Store has many products that will help you get the job done such as safety clothing, and a variety of lubricants and greases that may come in handy when maintaining your truck on the road. 

Work Gloves.jpg
Grease Tubes on shelf.jpg
Cardlock DEF Available Here.jpg

Your temporary home away from home

Convenience Store_cropped_200 dpi_DSC_97

If you need a break from the road and are passing through the Athabasca area, stop in for a rest or to freshen up in our showers or washrooms.

They are available to all UFA card holders and can be accessed on a 24/7 basis. 


We take pride in offering a pleasant experience when using them. Expect a clean shower to give you a fresh start on the next leg of your trip.


Nearby services include a Boston Pizza, Tim Hortons, Marks Work Warehouse and two hotels. 

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