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Bulk Gas, Diesel & DEF

  • Pay with Debit or Credit

  • 24/7 access to products

  • Fuel Link Cards

  • DEF at the Pump

  • 24/7 Showers and Washrooms

  • Large Fleet Discount through a Commercial Account

Payment Kiosk.jpg

Convenience, Quality & Savings

Paying at the pump is something invented by the bulk fuel companies and has long been a secure and convenient way of fueling up.

Whether it's clear diesel or gas, or dyed fuel for your farming operation, or DEF for your diesel truck or equipment, you can access it on a 24/7 basis from Whispering Hills Fuels in Athabasca.

Our bulk fuel is not just for farming or commercial operators. Many passenger vehicle owners find their way to our pumps and enjoy quick access to the pumps and simplicity of paying by either credit/debit with a fuel link card, or with a fuel account at the end of the month. 

Easy highway access from Highway 55  - East Athabasca

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