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Fuel Delivery

If you are busy the last thing you need to be doing is running for a small tank of fuel.

Time is money so let us assist you keep your equipment running and your projects moving forward.

We've got you covered for gas, diesel, and DEF in the Athabasca and Wabasca region. Our two delivery trucks can quickly deliver fuel to you while your project is underway.


We deliver to all regions in between Rochester in the south, to Fort McMurray in the north, Slave Lake in the West and Hwy, 881 in the East.

Call us now to inquire about our competitive rates to deliver to your location.

Bulk DEF Delivery

Alberta's Largest DEF Network


UFA sells the leading brand of high quality DEF, Air1®, which is certified by the API™ to meet ISO 22241 standards for optimal performance.

Whispering Hills Fuels not only has DEF available in small quantities for everyday use, but offers bulk DEF at the pump in Athabasca and by bulk delivery to your site or farm.

DEF can be delivered by the drum or in totes right to where you need it increasing convenience and saving you downtime.

We offer large fleet discounts on fuel and DEF so let us know what your needs are and we can provide an estimate.  READ MORE

trucks parked with fule tanks in BG_120
UFA Cardlock DEF locations map.png

Tank Rentals

If you need fuel on-site for a longer period of time to give you greater convenience during a project, consider a UFA fuel tank.

They come outfitted with the appropriate nozzles, and fuel filters to ensure the fuel you are using is the best it can be. Buy or rent!

Of course we can arrange to keep it topped off or deliver fuel when you see that it is getting nearly empty.


Our commercial fuel delivery rates are based on an hourly rate so they are easy to figure into your overall project costs.

Call Mark or the UFA tank department directly to find out more!

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