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Community is Important to Us!

Community Involvement
Owner of Whispering Hills Fuels, Mark Neaves, stays very involved with his community.
Involved in the Athabasca Lions Club as past president, and a long time member of the Athabasca District Chamber of Commerce, he is among a group of people who are making a difference in their community. 
You can find him at many of the events put on by these two organizations, or volunteering at school activities one of his three children are involved with.
He is proud to stay involved and does so as he encourages the next generation to contribute to their community. 
Mark in Parade juggling.jpg

Mark participating in the Canada Day Parade in Athabasca.

Athabasca Lions Club_Mark at right.jpg

Mark (right) works alongside fellow members of the Athabasca Lions Club to prepare food for a function.

Local Event Tickets Sales

Whispering Hills Fuels often sells tickets for local events at their Athabasca location. If you are a local organization and would like us to help sell tickets from our agency located in East Athabasca please give us a call. You can also send us an email with the details and we can get back to you.  

Youth Credit Program

As a 4-H member, you can apply with a UFA member in good standing to get up to $3,000 in credit to UFA Farm and Ranch Supply stores to help with your annual project. You’ll also get hands-on experience applying for and managing credit. Just fill out our online application form and either drop it off at our Athabasca location, or send it to FIND OUT MORE

Grassroots Giving Program

Through our Grassroots Giving Program, we support strong and vibrant rural communities where our members live and work. We partner with local organizations to help ensure that life in Alberta’s rural communities is great for our members. The first step is ensuring your organization or charity is listed in Benevity Causes.  FIND OUT MORE

Farmer's Day

UFA officially revived Farmer’s day in 2010 bringing back the tradition as a way to honour the contributions of Alberta farmers and the agriculture industry.   FIND OUT MORE

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